Nestlé S.A. establishes Research and Development Centre in India

Research and Development Center

Nestlé S.A. announced the establishment of the first R&D Centre in India in 2010, a part of the global R&D network. The foundation stone for the new Centre was unveiled on 22nd of September, 2010, in Manesar, Haryana.

Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai, Honourable Minister of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. Also present at the ceremony were His Excellency Mr. Philippe Welti, Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. Ashok Sinha, Secretary for Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Mr. Klaus E. Zimmermann, Global Head of R&D Centres, Nestlé S.A., and Mr. A. Helio Waszyk, Chairman and Managing Director, Nestlé India Limited. Mr. Zimmermann commented that the event not only marked Nestlé’s continuing long-term commitment to R&D, but also celebrated the building of Nestlé’s first R&D Centre in India. He mentioned that the R&D Centre would allow Nestlé to offer consumers in India and beyond, the choice of tasty, healthy, and nutritious products. Mr. Waszyk emphasized that the Nestlé Board’s decision to establish an R&D Centre in India at the request of Nestlé India, would be an additional competitive advantage. It would help accelerate the Company’s growth and at the same time contribute towards reducing nutritional deficiencies in the country.

Nestlé S.A. establishes Research and Development Centre in India
Architects’ impression of the facility, expected to be fully functional in 2012

Better nutrition for India is a perpetual challenge. It's meaning changes with the country’s stage of development, the degree of social awareness, and scientific consensus. The new Nestlé R&D facility in India will help develop great tasting food solutions that are relevant for consumers in India, creating products that take the promise of taste and health to a broader economic and social section than ever before. It will also strengthen Nestlé’s leadership in emerging markets and fortify Nestlé India’s position as the leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

Ms. Shivani Hegde, Chairperson of R&D India and also Head of the Foods Business, reiterates that Nestlé India has always had Research and Development support from the Nestlé R&D network across the world, and now, with the foundation being laid for the new R&D Centre in Manesar, the Company for part of its research, will benefit from a greater ‘Indian-consumer’ focus. “Having an R&D Centre close to the Nestlé India Head Office will bring Research and Development closer to Businesses, and reflects the Nestlé spirit of R&D-Business partnership towards developing ‘Winning’ concepts, suited to the local consumer. It will help Nestlé R&D to bring out strong localised concepts that are in accordance with the Nestlé Group thrust on ‘affordable Nutrition, Health and Wellness’. Ultimately, these concepts will not just be relevant for emerging markets like India, but could be transferred to Nestlé worldwide.”

Mr. Simon Robertson, Head of R&D India, sees that the target to complete the building in 2012 is a challenging one, but one that the team is set to deliver. “Work on the building is moving forward and day by day we see the progress on site as we start to create the latest R&D Centre. At the same time, we are also building bridges with local institutions and government bodies that will give us a deeper understanding of the products needed in India and to support our future development programmes."