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Why work at Nestlé

GROW WITH NESTLÉ? : You will have the chance to grow in every sense of the word: professionally, personally and intellectually.

Some graduates are driven by the head; others by the heart, by a passion to make an impact on the world and shape a business. At Nestlé, you’ll have the chance to grow in both these senses – to develop professionally and personally, intellectually and emotionally.

The Nestlé world is a world of opportunity in which you can ‘enhance the quality of life’ for yourself, for your career and for the world.

The opportunity

Whether you join us on our Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources or any other function, you’ll get to the heart of one of our key business areas. You could become part of a local or an international development programme but either way you’ll begin to understand the core workings of the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. And as we’re a diverse business with a global mind-set, you’ll see how we benefit from different cultures and new local perspectives.

You’ll discover that our entry level positions have some common characteristics. Individual responsibility and autonomy are facts of life here. So while you’ll benefit from best-in-class training, you’ll need the drive to make the most of our formal development, and on-the-job training.

The challenge

Excelling here means sharing our passion for enhancing lives; it means taking ownership of your future and remaining open to the unique learning opportunities that will come your way. We encourage our people to view their career as a journey. There are ongoing opportunities here to step up, broaden your exposure or deepen your skills. Flexibility and the ability to take the long view are essential. But, rest assured, with over 2,000 leading brands and a passion for improvement, nothing stands still for long in Nestlé – least of all talented young professionals.