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CV making

CV making
CV making: You should devote time to create a good CV.

You should devote time to create a good CV. As it is the first step in the selection process, it is crucial to create a good first impression. It is also a good idea to take a print of your CV and evaluate it meticulously. A few tips listed below can guide you in the process of CV making:

Tailor your CV

Just like a customer, an employer prefers a customized product. Your CV should reflect the skills and values desired in the job. It shows you have given time and thought to find and highlight any congruence your profile might have with the requirements.

Highlight to grab attention

Your CV has only 30-40 seconds to grab prospective employers’ attention. Highlighting keywords to boost interest of the employer leads to an extension in the attention span. It might ultimately result in a call for the next round. However, be careful while highlighting, it should not exceed 20 % of the entire CV, else it defeats the purpose.

Check & review

Even if you think your CV is error-free, it’s worth asking a friend to read it through. Sometimes the usage of the word is flawed which might not be visible to the creator i.e. you. It creates a bad impression and hence should be avoided at all costs.

Should you change the CV

If your CV is written backwards on pink polka dot paper and it gets you regular interviews, it is a good CV. The bottom line is that if it is producing results do not change it too much but if it is not, keep changing it until it does. If it is not working, ask people to look at it and suggest changes.