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Career Development

career development
CAREER DEVELOPMENT: At Nestlé employees take charge of their development through various tools to guide them.

At Nestlé, we know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. So we’ve created a high performance culture that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth and this enables their development and ultimately ours.

There are three factors that will shape your career growth at Nestlé:

  • Core factors. These are non-negotiable; they are the
    qualities you must have if you’re
    to make the most of all the opportunities we have to offer. They include your sustainable performance, the knowledge and skills you have about your function, the business and yourself, plus your leadership skills and critical experience

  • Accelerators.This is the name we give to the qualities that will determine how far and how fast you progress and develop. These include your mobility, your flexibility to move between functions and categories, how well you network and how open you are to new experiences

  • Opportunities. These are the factors that are more dependent on circumstances and activities elsewhere in the business. Opportunities can spring from new roles, new positions and new assignments overseas

Talent Assessment and Succession Planning

Our organization believes in nurturing and developing internal talent. Accordingly our endeavor always is to give opportunity to suitable internal talents. Talent Assessment and Succession Planning process helps in assessing the development potential of individuals and planning succession for key positions. Succession Planning is the way in which we plan career development and fill middle and senior-level jobs. We are very methodical about how we plan this process. Nothing is left to chance. Our succession plans cover all the key jobs in Nestlé and include a list of forecasted potential successors for those roles. At any one time, we know exactly how well these successors are performing and how close they are to taking on the next role in their development. This process, based on the talent grid, supports internal selection in line with business needs.

Importantly, our succession plans are created with input from multiple sources. Calibrated talent reviews increase visibility of people to senior Management and creates a common understanding of development potential of individuals. In other words we take a very rounded view of development. Succession plans ensure business continuity and planned development of people in the short and medium term

Revealing your potential.

At Nestlé, we are committed to provide a learning environment and we encourage our people to leverage these opportunities. Learning is a combination of on-the-job experiences, relationship based and education based opportunities. From experience, we know that to design high-quality development plans it is crucial to apply the 70/20/10 model. This states that on-the-job experiences have the highest impact on professional and personal development, relationship-based approaches such as feedback and coaching account for 20% of impact and formal training or education based opportunities have the least effect on how fully and quickly people develop. So with this in mind, we apply a variety of learning approaches to bring the most out of your potential.

  • Experience Based Development:

    Rated as the most impactful of all development, experience based development in Nestlé is achieved through domestic mission assignments, projects, job rotations, stretch assignments, overseas mission and expatriate assignments.
  • Relationship Based Development:

    Our Corporate Mentoring Programme will help you to accelerate your development through relationship-based support, transfer of experience, of key insights and unwritten rules as well as bringing exposure to the areas beyond the current role.

    SPARKZ is our development center initiative that acts as a platform for nurturing & developing high performing talent based on simulated assessment and feedback. Employees nominated to attend this two day intervention go through a battery of assessments and simulations of real work life challenges. Feedback basis their responses in these assessments are shared by seasoned panelists which comprise of Senior Managers from respective functions and Human Resources. This feedback subsequently forms the basis of the employee development plans.

  • Education Based Development:

    Nomination based international programs delivered through Rive Reine & IMD allows our employees to grow through education based opportunities internationally. Leading the Nestlé Way program developed by the Nestlé group in collaboration with London Business School supports development of top management.

    At Nestlé, high performers with aspirations for academic progression are supported through a tie-up with IIM Kolkata. Distance learning programs called Executive General Management Program (EGMP) and Advanced General Management Program (AGMP) for different levels is organized for growth of our employees.