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Performance Culture

Performance Culture
PERFORMANCE CULTURE: The How and What of performance deliver the perfect mix of achievement.

The following agendas are at the foundation of our culture


Diversity has only just reached the top of most corporate agendas, but at Nestlé it’s been the foundation of what we do for years. One of the areas in which diversity makes the biggest difference is in the gender mix. Improving the gender balance at Nestlé, will enrich our leadership, increase the supply of talented people and ensure a better understanding of our consumer base. Women do things differently from men, and there are advantages to bringing BOTH sets of skills and styles of working to the table. It is not about one or the other, but both TOGETHER. We’ve made it a priority to make sure we’re making the best of the talents of both men and women. Our objective is to ensure that we provide the environment, culture and leadership to facilitate this balanced gender mix. We aim at creating an environment where women are highly motivated to work, develop, progress and fulfill their potential.

Employee Health & Wellness

Our vision and values should shape everything we do. We believe strongly that they should be lived and experienced every day. By providing our people with a healthy diet and sporting activities, we support our principle of ‘healthy minds in healthy bodies,’ and create the healthy workforce that sets us apart.


Nestlé is founded on caring: for our consumers, for the communities to which we belong, and, most fundamentally, for our colleagues. Not surprisingly, safety is fundamental to everything we do. We don’t accept compromises in this area. One accident is one too many for us. Our safety and health performance has improved significantly, but we’re committed to achieving zero accidents and that means we need to lead the world in our thinking and practices.

Rewards & Recognition

The objectives of Nestlé's Remuneration and Rewards Policy are:

  • To favour a competitive, stimulating and fair Compensation & Benefits structure offering an overall competitive and attractive Remuneration package
  • To establish Remuneration practices taking into account relevant external compensation levels and internal fairness knowing that the remuneration is also determined by the capacity of the Company to improve its productivity

Recognition is to find ways to value performance and desired Leadership Behaviours, either through formal programs but more importantly through informal and non-monetary recognition.

Nestlé & I

It is critical for any organization to understand what the employees feel about its culture, strategy, alignment and engagement. We encourage our employees to give us transparent feedback on what is working and what needs improvement, through the bi-annual Nestlé & I survey.

We hope this gives you a good sense of our commitment to our people. For more information about our performance in Diversity, Employee Health & Wellness, Safety and Health and other people-related topics visit our Creating Shared Value page.