Swasth Janani Swasth Sishu

“Swasth Janani Swasth Sishu”- Breastfeeding is one of the key messages that Nestlé Start Heathy Stay Healthy propagates as a part of promoting healthy 1st 1000 days and believes that mother’s milk is the best nutrition of babies and lays foundation to a healthy future. Keeping this in mind, Nestlé in partnership with MAMTA launched a project- “Swasth Janani,Swasth Shishu” in Nov 2014 for a period of 8 months with the key objective-

  • To increase knowledge attitude and behavior among pregnant women and lactating mothers towards breastfeeding and its benefits
  • Taking women from knowledge into practices to ensure all infants born are breastfed in 1 hour of birth and are breastfed exclusively for 6 months.
  • To create enabling and supportive environment in the family and community for promoting breast feeding practices and behavior.
  • To strengthen the public health system response to the nutritional needs of target groups and develop them as support group for women to sustain and succeed breastfeeding

Since 2014, program has reached to population of 100,000 and 1400 direct beneficiaries (Pregnant women in their 3rd trimester and lactating mothers of infants until 6 months of age).