Energy Consumption

During 1999 to 2014, Energy consumption per tonne of production has reduced substantially and energy use efficiency improved by around 57% through the following key initiatives:

  • Continuously review energy to track and replace energy inefficient equipment.
  • Investment in processes to reduce energy losses. For example, installation of Variable Frequency Drivers on high capacity motors, auto operations and controls.
  • Process modification to reduce energy utilisation. For example, installation of Wipe Film Evaporator.
  • Innovatively using the waste heat of one process as input for another. For example, exhaust heat of the generator is used to produce steam for manufacturing.
  • Optimised the steam consumption in de-aerators.
  • Reduced steam losses in steam lines.
  • Optimised the electrical load of utilities from DG set to EB.
  • Recovering flash steam from seasoning and sauce section.
Energy consumption