Supplying milk to Nestlé

Nestlé has been a partner in India’s growth since 1912, establishing a special relationship of trust and commitment with its people.

When Nestlé India set up its first manufacturing plant in Moga in 1961, the local milk economy was virtually nonexistent. On the first day, we collected only 511 kgs of milk from 180 farmers.

Since then, Nestlé has set up milk collection centres that ensures prompt collection and pays fair prices, transforming Moga into a prosperous and vibrant milk district. By supplying milk to Nestlé, farmers are benefited from the assurance that our collection centers will purchase their entire quantity of milk, however big or small, as long as it meets Nestlé’s stringent quality standards. Furthermore farmers are paid monthly, guaranteeing them a regular income that would not be possible with seasonal crops. Since there is continuous demand from Nestlé for milk throughout the year, their occupations are stable ones, assuring them of long term relationships and fair prices.

In addition to collecting milk, Nestlé has embarked on a number of other initiatives to support the development of dairy farmers in India.