Water Awareness Programme

Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme 


We conduct Water Awareness Programs for students at the schools where we build our drinking water facilities. Through this program, we aim to create awareness amongst students regarding water conservation and protection of water resources to ensure the responsible utilization of water for a sustainable future.

Students are taught through posters and demonstrations on water saving and purification methods such as the Drip method, Solar Water Disinfection Process (SODIS), Rain water harvesting model, etc. Water committees comprising of school children are set up in these schools to propagate judicious water consumption and ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of the project. Water saving tips on the water storage tanks reinforce key messages on water conservation.

“Now our children come home and explain to us how to make proper use of water. For example, while brushing teeth one should use a cup of water rather than letting water taps flow freely. This will lead to proper management in the village community.”

Sukhminder Singh, Farmer parent, Village Bhoondri

Till date, Nestlé India has over 255 water projects across the country, benefitting over 109,787 students in village communities.

Download Nestlé posters on Water Awareness for students (pdf, 2.63 MB)

Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme  


Since agriculture is responsible for the largest consumption of water, Nestlé India works with its farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to create awareness regarding water conservation and protection of water resources in agricultural and irrigation practices and also in dairy farms.

Download posters on Water Awareness for farmers (pdf, 972 KB)