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Nestlé India's corporate service pillar website that aims to deliver authentic nutrition information to families.

AskNestlé is a platform that offers simplified nutrition information for varied needs with the help of Nestlé experts.

Available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali, it provides access to healthy recipes detailed nutrition information, and tools like a customized meal planner, growth tracker, and Immuno Scale. The platform also offers nutrition guidance to parents through expert articles and community support.

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Our Journey So Far…

AskNestlé was developed to provide validated information to mothers in a world of abundant yet mostly misleading information. While it started as a nutrition platform for children between 2-12 years of age, it has now transformed into a wholesome nutrition information platform that caters to cuturally diverse Indian families in a localised way.

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AskNestlé offers consumers content and tools that help them make an informed nutritional choice.

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Pick from a variety of healthy recipes to cook for different ages, occasions, regional preferences, ages & food allergies.

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Browse through a range of interesting and informative articles by Nestlé’s nutrition experts

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Find customized health meal plans for all ages.

562x562-01_Health Tracker 562x562-01_Health Tracker

Track your family’s health with this growth chart.

See What Our User's Say!

AskNestlé is fun and skilled at teaching nutrition concepts without any challenge. Each post gave me an opportunity to clear my queries regarding nutrition for children. This was exceedingly effective in helping me to shift my perspective on food from one of anxiety to one of joy and curiosity.

I have two kids, aged 3 years and my second is 8 months. I love everything about AskNestlé. I think it's a one-stop solution to all the problems a mom could be seeking for her kids related to the child's food, nutrition and growth. It helps me find the right recipe at the right time, without compromising on any nutritional needs. Thank you guys for making my job simpler, as I try to balance other things with parenting.

AskNestlé recipes and information are very useful to help me figure out what to feed my children. It's interesting and easy to understand.

Science Behind Nutrition

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