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Improve packaging performance

Good packaging is crucial to the safety and quality of food, but it shouldn’t end there. That’s why we’re focusing on making our packaging recyclable or reusable.

Our commitment

Improve the environmental performance of our packaging

Why it matters

Plastic waste, and in particular plastic-based marine pollution, is one of the biggest environmental issues the world is facing today. Packaging can be a major contributor to such waste. At the same time, it remains important for purposes such as protecting foods and beverages during transportation, extending the shelf life of food and preventing food waste. This makes it essential not just to reduce the amount of packaging used, but to make packaging recyclable or reusable.

Our approach

We want none of our packaging to end up as litter. To achieve that, we’re transforming how we think about packaging, using more renewable and recyclable materials and supporting recycling initiatives.

What we are doing

We’re making big changes to our packaging.

At Nestlé India, we focus on reducing waste generation through our packaging. We aim to use the minimum adequate packaging by weight and volume, and ensure that it is recovered and recycled at the end of its useful life. We are also intensifying our efforts to develop innovative new materials that can deliver the desired protection and functionality of incumbent packaging materials with better environmental performance.

As a responsible manufacturer of food products, we have also initiated few pilot projects collectively with few industry partners under guidance of central pollution control Board, state pollution control board and urban local bodies as part of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) to collect, segregate, recycle and recover plastic waste in a sustainable way. This initiative ensures compliance to local legislation "Plastic Waste Management Rules' 2016 as amended in 2018".

At present, we are committed to renowned 3R's principles i.e. 'reduce', 'recycle' and 'recover' to be environment sustainable:

Reduce : Packaging optimization by ensuring eco designing of packaging in a sustainable way.
Recycle : Encouraging use of recycled material where ever applicable, we are also exploring packaging with recyclable friendly structure.
Recover : Under Extended Producers Responsibility, we have taken many initiatives to recover post consumer waste by converting multilayered plastic waste to energy. A Gasolyser Pilot unit at Tahliwal has also been installed to convert our factory plastic waste to fuel.

We are investing in the R&D of new and innovative technologies for material development in our packaging.

2016 2017 2018
• Saved approximately 800 tons of packaging material • Reduced packaging material weight by approximately 1532 tons. • Reduced packaging material weight by approximately 690 tons.    
• Successfully utilised 35% of recycled material in our product packaging • Encouraged the use of recycled material where ever applicable. • ~ 6700 Metric tons of  used Multi-layered Plastics  collected , segregated and disposed in the waste to energy and  cement kilns

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