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The initiative aims to improve access to clean drinking water.

The quality of potable water in India is an increasingly growing concern, which, coupled with sanitation issues, causes approximately 500 deaths of children under 5 years of age every day due to diarrhoeal and water-borne diseases.

As part of our community initiatives, we have undertaken several programmes to provide access to clean drinking water. We implement our community outreach directly and through our NGO partner Enable Health Society.

Nestlé started the construction of clean drinking water facilities in schools around its factories in 1999. Till year 2017, we have constructed 257 water tanks across 7 states, benefitting more than 140,000 students. We also carry out periodic checks to ensure that drinking water stored in the tanks meets quality standards. In regions where the groundwater does not meet quality standards, we partner with the NGO Enable Health Society to provide drinking water treatment plants. We have also set up purification systems with Ultra Violet (UV) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) facilities to ensure clean drinking water.

We also conduct Water Awareness Programmes aimed at ensuring hygienic and sustainable water use, reaching out to over 104,000 students.

In Rajasthan, we have partnered with the Department of Medicine and Health to offer access to clean drinking water at 12 public health centres as part of the Adarsh Public Health Centre Yojna established by the Government.