Access to Sanitation

Access to sanitation 

Availability of basic sanitation is a serious challenge, with open defecation being a health risk for everyone, more so for the female population. It affects the attendance of girl students in school and often leaves them vulnerable to sanitation-related diseases. Most of the waste and waste water generated flows untreated directly into the rivers and sea, contaminating them and leading to further spread of diseases.

Nestlé believes that education and empowerment of girl students can benefit the quality of life in communities. Therefore to improve access to basic sanitation facilities, Nestlé sponsors the construction of sanitation facilities (toilets) for girl students in village schools across all its factory locations. This has had a direct impact on the attendance of girls in village schools. During 2017, we set up sanitation facilities in government schools across 11 states and so far has set up 430 facilities benefitting more than 150,000 girl students.