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Water stewardship advocacy

Water is a resource and a responsibility we all share. By working together, we can address the challenges water stewardship presents.

Our commitment

Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship


Why it matters

Water is a resource we all share. Working alongside neighbors and other stakeholders with common interests is the only way we can address the complex challenges associated with water stewardship. We believe that proactive, long-term engagement and partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders can help to define, implement and evaluate solutions to the complex environmental challenges that we face.

Our approach

We’re committed to protecting water resources at catchment and community level, and improving water use in our factories and agricultural supply chain.

What we are doing

As a global organisation, we play a critical role in forwarding the cause of sustainable use of water and are directing our resources and efforts across our value chain to achieve our water ambitions while contributing to SDGs for water, by 2030.

Wash Pledge

The 'WASH at the Workplace Pledge' ("WASH Pledge") was launched by WBCSD in September 2013 to implement its Action 2020 Water strategy. Nestlé is a founding member of the WBCSD 'WASH at the Workplace Pledge', and was among the first signatories to the WASH Pledge. As a co-chair of the WASH Pledge, the company provides strategic input and support to the WBCSD's work programme on access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

The WASH Pledge in India:

In India, the WASH Pledge self-assessment was rolled out across all our 8 manufacturing sites. A cross-functional team was established at each plant for internal implementation of the self-assessment tool.

The WASH Pledge continues to form an essential part of Nestlé's Water Stewardship strategy. We also extend the WASH Pledge beyond the fence, by creating access to water and sanitation in the community.

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