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What sets CHOLADI apart

Our green tea leaves are largely handpicked, offering uniform leaf quality versus machine or mechanical harvesting. We also ensure the plucking of only tender leaves and buds for that perfect instant tea. After harvest, our instant teas are quickly processed to ensure the high level of antioxidant content, along with higher quantities of polyphenol. All in all, this procedure helps maintain high quality of our instant teas.

There are several other advantages that make Nestlé CHOLADI a cut above the rest. Not only are these high value instant tea powders produced at a competitive cost, they are also more flavourful and astringent. Our instant tea powders is good concentrate that gives more cuppage.

Benefits of CHOLADI Final 2
Benefits of CHOLADI Final 2
Benefits of CHOLADI Final 2

The Authenticity of Nestlé CHOLADI Orthodox tea

Orthodox tea refers to loose leaf tea produced using traditional methods – plucking, withering, rolling, fermentation or drying. The idea is to preserve the singular virtues of the leaf to get fermented tea leaves. If you’re looking for an authentic tea experience, Orthodox tea is the answer.

There are several types of Instant Tea: Instant Black Tea, Instant Green Tea, and Instant Fermented Tea. They are known for their complexity and delicate nature, making them highly coveted in the tea market.

This Instant Green Tea is pure, delicious, and highly concentrated. The green tea powder is prepared from freshly plucked green leaves from nearby tea farms. It contains no fillers, ground leaves, no additives, or flavourings. This Pure Instant Green Tea Powder has natural antioxidants and a rich green colour.
As the name suggests, this tea makes use of Black Tea Leaves that has been processed to make instant tea powder. With no additives or flavourings, this Instant Black Tea has a pure taste and goes perfectly well with both hot and cold beverages.
This Instant Fermented Tea has been exposed to microbes and moisture, allowing it to ferment. It is much in demand, thanks to its potential health benefits. Its earthy taste and freshness is striking, leaving you wanting more!

ISO 14001 Certification
Embracing Sustainability
Embracing sustainability

Nestlé CHOLADI is an advocate of renewable energy and utilizes solar power to fulfil 92% of the factory’s electricity needs. With the use of solar power, Nestlé CHOLADI is helping minimise carbon footprint, thereby contributing to the global efforts of combating climate change.

Nestlé CHOLADI practices a zero discharge policy for air and water, along with adhering to pollution control board norms. The tea extracted with water from Choladi river produces zero discharge of effluents, causing no environmental impact. The treated wastewater is used for gardening within the premises.

In the drive towards becoming more sustainable, over 1500 farmers have been provided with individual technical assistance to improve quality and productivity. Alongside, training on effective agricultural practices is also organised that covers minimal pesticide use in the tea garden, the ropes of machine harvesting and manuring, among other things.

Nestlé CHOLADI organises free health camps three times a year for those who are members of the tea community. Since 2017, over 2500 members have been provided with access to free consultations in general medicine, pediatric care, dental or dermatology services. Eye screening sessions were also conducted.

To provide better sanitation to girls in schools, Nestlé CHOLADI has funded the construction of 11 toilets, along with provision of 5 napkin incinerators.

Nestlé CHOLADI has been consistently making efforts in restoring and enriching soil health. Soil in tea is grossly inadequate and unbalanced, which leads to poor output and quality. To address this issue, soil tests are being conducted in farms every year with the assistance of external labs to measure primary and secondary micronutrients of the tea soil in the Nilgiris region. Once the soil health is evaluated, farmers are offered advice on nutrient recommendations for optimum yield.
About Nestlé Exports

At Nestlé India, the export business has been a strong contributor in the company’s growth. With nine world class production facilities, we boast capabilities to produce a wide range of products. Currently, we export Foods, Coffee, Instant Tea, Chocolate and Confectionery, Nutrition-related products, and more within Nestlé Professional, to over 25+ countries. Our products are diaspora-centric; we also offer customised packaging as per the customer’s needs. The export team is adept and committed to serving and delivering best in-class products to your consumers, today and always.

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