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Proactive engagement on climate change

With the right policies, Nestlé will have an impact not only by making our company more sustainable, but by helping others in our supply chain do the same.

Our commitment

Promote transparency and proactive, long-term engagement in climate policy

Why it matters

Climate change is a global issue; it can’t be tackled by one company. It’s going to take a seismic shift in how society thinks and operates if we’re going to stabilize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, let alone reduce them. Society operating as in the past will simply not work.

Our approach

Reducing our own emissions is important, but the issue is bigger than us. That’s why we’re using our position as a major company to lead and participate in programs across the world that are designed to support the development of long-term climate policy.


What we are doing

We have been working with major partners around the world to make a difference.

Some of our climate change leadership measures are highlighted below:

Caring for Climate is a global coalition on climate issues, with the UNGC, UNEP and UNFCCC. As part of this initiative, Nestlé is committed to renewing its efforts to improve energy efficiency, reducing the GHG emissions of its products, setting voluntary targets and publicly reporting the progress of its initiatives.

Nestlé has endorsed the following 6 initiatives on climate action:

  • Adopt evidence-based GHG emission reduction targets
  • Maximizing the energy generation using green fuel (Solar power / Bio mass fuels)
  • Remove commodity-driven deforestation from our supply chain
  • Provide climate change information in mainstream corporate filings
  • Engage policy-makers on climate change policy responsibly

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