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Our commitment: Provide training on Corporate Business Principles, Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability

Youth employment 

Equipping our workforce with essential skills

Our people are at the heart of our business. Everything we do, and all our success, is dependent on them. We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that all our employees have access to training that enables them to gain the skills and learning they need to thrive and maximise their potential.

Our training programmes are designed to improve personal performance while achieving our business goals. They are continuously updated and modified to meet the evolving business needs. Some of the training sessions conducted across our operations covering Corporate Governance, Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability are mentioned below:

Nestlé Corporate Business Principles and Code of Business Conduct training

Our training on Nestlé Corporate Business Principles (NCBP) and Code of Business Conduct (COBC) are mandatorily conducted for all new joiners across all on boarding programmes. These training sessions are also included in all need-based custom sessions conducted during company summer trainee, management trainee and technical training orientations. The training on COBC also includes a session on anti-corruption. In 2017, all white collar employees were retrained on COB eLearning module and we achieved 100% completion over same basis January 2018 report published by the centre. The emodules are included as part of the mandatory Curricula for all new joinees.

Nutrition Quotient (NQ) training

Our Nutrition Quotient training helps our employees develop a sound understanding of nutrition, food groups and stay up to date on public health priorities, empowering them to use this knowledge in their daily lives, both professionally and personally.

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