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Reporting compliance violations

Provide effective grievance mechanisms to employees and stakeholders


Reporting compliance violations


Providing effective grievance mechanisms throughout our operations

We are committed to a strong compliance culture, as reflected in the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles. We ensure our company is managed in line with our principles, through internal reporting and external audits. Employees, suppliers and stakeholders are encouraged to report practices or actions believed to be inappropriate or illegal, and we investigate all complaints with impartiality, prohibiting retaliation. Breaches are immediately stopped, and appropriate response measures implemented.

All our employees are expected to be aware of non-compliant or illegal activities occurring in their work environment, especially those related to our Code of Business Conduct. We have set up the Nestlé Integrity Reporting System and the Tell Us portal for our employees and stakeholders to raise any grievances they face.

Nestlé Integrity Reporting System (NIRS)

The Nestlé Integrity Reporting System enables our employees to report anonymously, via phone or an online form, any non-compliant behaviour they observe or endure. The system also helps employees seek advice or information on our practices. NIRS has been communicated to all Nestlé employees using various modes of communication, including local intranet, magazines, leaflets and videos.

Tell Us

'Tell us' is a communication channel managed externally but run by Nestlé, to support the reporting of compliance and non-compliance issues against the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles or applicable laws by external stakeholders as well. This portal can also be used by customers to raise compliance issues and irregularities they face while dealing with our products.

We continuously carry out consumer surveys to understand consumer feedback, product satisfaction and preference while measuring consumer response and satisfaction regularly through the Company's continuous and periodic tracking studies. In 2016, this survey was conducted with more than 35,000 consumers through a random sampling approach. Currently, we do not have any pending consumer complaints.

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