Measuring Creating Shared Value Report

Foundation Strategy Group

The Foundation Strategy Group (FSG), a non-profit consulting firm is among the founding members of the ‘Creating Shared Value’ strategy and in their report ‘Measuring Shared Value’ discusses the ways in which companies can create value by reconceiving products and markets, redefining productivity in the value chain and enabling cluster development. The study showcases the Nestlé’s contribution to the milk district of Rajasthan, through establishment of milk collection centres, agriculture and veterinary services and assured purchase for farmers ensuring regular income thereby enabling cluster development in the region.

It also focuses on the Company’s method of measuring progress through proxy indicators, which is done on a day to day basis by its veterinarians through regular farm visits, cattle health and increase in volume and quality of milk among other indicators. These measurement indicators offer data and insights in linking business and social results and shared value created for both. To read the Measuring Creating Shared Value Report, please click here. (pdf, 1.04Mb)