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Students and graduates

students and graduates

Opportunities for development

At Nestlé, we provide exciting opportunities to people early in their careers all around the world.

Youth are the driving force behind our future, thus investing in their potential means investing in ours. We provide a variety of programs for early-career candidates, from graduate programs and internships to traineeships and apprenticeships. Empowered by the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative, all our programmes are designed to for us to cultivate opportunities to learn and grow for the future generation of thinkers, innovators and doers.

Key Programmes

Nestlé Leaders League

Our flagship Management Trainee Programme

Our management trainee programme is designed to identify the next generation of commercial leaders and change-makers who are ready to shape the future of Nestlé. Based on the principle of Real projects, Real Impact, our programme offers valuable learning, experience, and networking opportunities. Participants engage in a live case competition on campus or a real-time business project. This is followed by a 2-month summer internship, and select candidates are then absorbed into 18 to 24-month trainee programme that develops them as future leaders at Nestlé. Throughout the programme, you will be immersed in a customized learning experience that spans various aspects of our business, including production, sales & marketing, supply chain, finance and special projects, to enhance your skills as a Nestlé Leader.

Specialized cohorts: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Technical, Supply Chain & Finance

Nestlé Spark Leaders league


Internships for College Graduates looking to start a career

Nesternship – the Nestlé Internship Programme, aims to empower and upskill the youth for self-reliance, growth, and employability. We offer university students a 8-week immersive learning experience in the FMCG sector. Participants work on a specific business project under the guidance of experienced leaders, gaining valuable insights into company operations and business. The programme also serves as a pathway to permanent roles within the company. Nesternship is designed to provide meaningful work and exposure to real-world scenarios, preparing students for future success.

Nesternship internships

Graduate Trainee Programme

For graduates looking to hone functional specializations

The Nestlé Graduate Trainee Programme offers recent graduates a unique opportunity to enhance their functional capabilities and build a successful career in various domains. Designed to develop future leaders with functional expertise, the programme spans 24 to 36 months and provides participants with valuable skills and experiences.

Graduates from various domains like IT, Technical, Cost Management, Sales, Nutrition, Logistics etc, undergo a series of rotations, training modules and targeted mentorship that focus on enhancing problem-solving abilities, communication skills, teamwork, data analysis and integration, and leadership capabilities. Through real-world projects and collaboration with cross-functional teams, they gain hands-on experience in their chosen domain.



For technical and vocational specializations

Our apprenticeships offer a unique blend of practical, paid workplace experience and classroom-based education. These comprehensive programs, spanning two to three years, are designed to prepare individuals for successful careers while developing their soft skills and professionalism.

With a focus on technical or vocational topics, this programme provides participants with valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field. Whether it's in engineering, manufacturing, IT, or another area, apprentices have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and gain real-world insights. In addition to the practical experience, apprentices also receive classroom-based education to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their chosen field.

employee wearing head protection


Our flagship programme for early careers in research & development

Nespreneur is a program created by Nestlé R+D Accelerator India to engage and empower young academic talent in the country, enabling them to transform their ideas into reality. This program offers a 3-month idea incubation internship, utilizing Nestlé's in-house Innovation Box framework.

During the internship, participants receive guidance and support to develop their ideas further. Based on the outcomes of the internship, the team may have the opportunity to join the Residence Accelerator Program or undergo a technical internship with Nestlé R&D Manesar. Nespreneur aims to foster innovation and collaboration, providing a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and contribute to Nestlé's research and development initiatives. By leveraging the expertise and resources of Nestlé, participants gain valuable insights and experiences that can shape their future careers.

workers talking

Stepping into the world of Nestlé through the Nesternship was like opening a treasure trove of opportunities. For two months, I embarked on a data-driven odyssey, crafting a strategic revenue management project under the guidance of my mentor.

The MT experience at Nestlé is nothing short of exhilarating with steep learning curves and adventures. From the hustle and bustle of Mumbai to the heartland of Bharat in Morena, Nestlé had taken me to the depths of the country and needless to say every moment has been enriching to the core.

The most exhilarating part of working at Nestlé is that no two days are the same, and there's always something exciting to dive into each day. What I love the most is the chance to discover and grow — Nestlé opens up so many doors for you. Right from the start, I felt like I could be myself and contribute in my own way. Being part of Nestlé means I get to be a force for good every single day, and that's something I'm truly proud of.