Launching more nutritious foods and beverages

Our commitment: Launch more foods and beverages that are nutritious, especially for mothers-to-be, new mothers and infants and children.


Making our portfolio healthier and tastier

Nestlé is providing access to tastier, healthier, convenient, premium and affordable foods and beverages. Our research documents the formulation of new and better tailored food and beverage solutions. The Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System helps us to continually improve our existing recipes, making it easier for people to adopt a healthy diet.

We particularly focus on popular, affordable foods and beverages.

Children's food and beverages that achieved NF status in India


Our 60/40+ consumer testing programme ensures a taste preference by at least 60% of consumers, while NNPS ensures that our recipes have a positive nutritional contribution over the closest competitor. Our range of Popularly Positioned Products (PPP), fortified with micronutrients, provide nutritional value at an affordable cost.

The Access to Nutrition Index, 2016, rated Nestlé India as the leader in improving the affordability of its healthy and fortified products, as the only company (participating in the index) that 'discloses a clear commitment with specific reference to low-income populations'.

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