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Micronutrient Fortification

We’re fortifying our foods and beverages to help children and families around the world get the micronutrients they need.

Our commitment

Address under-nutrition through micronutrient fortification

Why it matters

About a third of the world’s population suffers from deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals (Global Nutrition Report), leading to impaired growth, physical and intellectual development and compromised immunity. In response, we fortify popular foods and beverages with micronutrients that are unavailable or deficient in local diets, focusing on children and families in developing and high-priority countries.

Our approach

Nestlé India is committed to reducing micronutrient deficiencies across India through fortification of our products. Our Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs) are fortified with micronutrients to counter under nutrition, especially among lower-income consumers.

As per the Access to Nutrition Index, 2016, Nestlé India is one of the only two companies (participating in the index) that base their product fortification strategy on country-wide market research and leads the rank when it comes to addressing micronutrient deficiencies through product fortification.

MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic

Masala-ae-Magic is a taste enhancer consisting of a mélange of aromatic traditional Indian roasted spices. This product was developed to suit different Indian cuisines and enhances the taste of existing ingredients in the dish.

Each serving approximately 2g is fortified with 15% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, iron and iodine as per RDA of an adult sedentary male.

In 2018, we delivered about 1.7 billion fortified servings through Masala-ae-Magic.


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