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The planet

The planet
Stewarding resources for future generations

Our 2030 ambition is to strive for zero impact in our operations


As the world's largest food and beverages company, Nestlé can shape sustainable consumption and steward resources for future generations. We focus our efforts on reducing water use across our operations, using sustainably managed and renewable resources and working towards our goal of zero waste.

Stewarding water for future generations

Water is essential for existence and a common resource shared by all. It faces challenges collectively described as the tragedy of the commons. It is expected that by 2030, water withdrawals will exceed recharge by 40%. India accounts for 4% of the global fresh water resource, yet most of India is now classified as water-stressed with per capita consumption less than 1700m3. Nestlé India is committed to not only reducing its water footprint, but also championing the cause of water stewardship and raising awareness on water management across its value chain.

Our commitments on water are identified and defined in consultation with our stakeholders and in line with aspects identified as material to us. We aim to create a positive impact utilising our resources and expertise to conserve a natural resource that is important to our organisation, employees, farmers and other stakeholders across our value chain.

Our work focuses on three areas and is supported by these commitments:

For the planet

Caring for water

Acting on climate change

Safeguarding the environment

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