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Improving water efficiency

Our aim is to use as little water as possible, and to use that responsibly.

Our commitment

Work to achieve water efficiency and sustainability across our operations

Why it matters

Water is vital to Nestlé: for growing ingredients, for our production processes and for preparing our products. We must therefore use water as efficiently as possible in our operations – especially with around one in three of our facilities located in a water-stressed area. We are pleased to have made significant progress in recent years, but remain committed to doing more.

Our approach

We’re transforming how we use water by reducing withdrawal, carrying out Water Resource Reviews and implementing stewardship initiatives.

What we are doing

Year on year, we’re finding new ways to use less water.

Nestlé is committed to improving its water footprint. Through our constant efforts, from year 2003 to 2018, Nestlé India has reduced generation of waste water by 49% and water usage by around 53% per tonne of production. We use advanced technology to minimize water consumption as well as reduce waste water generation.

We ensure that our manufacturing operations do not negatively impact the availability of water resources among the local communities. We conduct Water Resource Reviews (WRR) in plant operations periodically to determine our operational utilisation of water, understand risks and opportunities, and develop action plans for sustainable water use. The WRR process fully incorporates Nestlé Guidelines on Respecting the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. In India, WRRs have been conducted for all our manufacturing units.


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