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Promoting sustainable consumption

Our commitment

Our products are used by millions of consumers – and that gives us the chance to communicate important information about sustainability.

Why it matters

Product information can help consumers behave more sustainably, for example by recycling more or using less energy. Our international scale and reach give us direct access to millions of people, enabling us to share information that could make a positive difference on a global scale.

Our approach

As well as engaging with international partnerships to promote sustainable consumption, we’re also using our own packaging as a great way to encourage people to recycle more and use less energy.


What we are doing

Working with our partners, we’re promoting sustainability worldwide.

Capitalising on our direct access to consumers through our products, we promote sustainable consumption and encourage them to reduce, recycle and recover by making informed choices. Through clear and meaningful communication, our initiatives such as QR code aim to keep our consumers aware of the environmental performance of our products.

Many of our products highlight their environmental sustainability aspects through on-pack messaging, stating ingredients, production methods and adherence to standards. Product packaging also often indicates how it can best be used and recycled to maximise resource efficiency.

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