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Our communities

Our communities 
Helping develop thriving, resilient communities

Our 2030 ambition is to help improve the lives of 30 million people living in communities directly connected to our business activities


Improving livelihoods and developing thriving communities starts with education. We believe children should be in school, and be able to get an education. We also believe in supporting women and girls to be economically and socially active, so they can be successful and independent. Through our global youth initiative we will support young people to be better prepared for the world of work. Being part of the communities where we operate means respecting the rights of those who work for us and with us. Respect is fundamental to our values, and we insist that our partners and suppliers uphold the same high standards that we do.

Agriculture is the principle occupation in most rural areas and has booked record growth in yield, in the past few years. Nonetheless, Indian agriculture is characterised by poor livelihoods and has a 30–60% margin for improvement in yield as compared to other developed or developing countries.

We believe that through responsible sourcing and by improving farm economics, we can help improve the standard of living of farmers. Rural development is a focus area close to our heart, as its results are multi-fold and its impact lasts generations.

For our communities

Rural development and enhancing livelihoods

Respecting and promoting human rights

Promoting decent employment and diversity

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