Health-promoting food environments

Our commitment: Partner for promoting healthy food environments

Health-promoting food environments 

Leveraging the store environment and out-of-home services to promote healthier eating habits

Extending our holistic approach to nutrition, health and wellness to the point of purchase, we aim to scale up our partnerships with retailers and food professionals in different regions, enabling those environments to inspire healthier eating habits and lifestyles for individuals and families. We establish long-term collaborations with strategic partners to mould our product strategies toward accomplishing our ambition of providing healthier food choices.

In India, we do this by focusing on providing personalized nutrition counselling for consumers across modern trade outlets and corporate offices in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. As part of the session, consumers are provided personalized diet counselling, guided toward the appropriate portion sizes and informed about decoding of food labels helping them lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We are committed enhancing understanding about health and nutrition among our consumers.

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