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Nestlé Breakfast Cereals

NESTLÉ NesPlus – The Plus in your family's Mornings.

Nestlé is delighted to bring to your home our first range of breakfast cereals in India, NesPlusTM. Nestlé Breakfast Cereals are a part of mornings in over 130 countries around the globe leveraging our expertise in Breakfast Cereals from across the world to India through NesPlusTM. Our commitment to providing you with nothing but excellence is a prerequisite for NesPlusTM Breakfast Cereals and we have tailored variants seeking to delight each member of your family. We have ensured that NesPlusTM Breakfast Cereals remain crunchy even in warm milk so that you can savour the crunch till the very last spoon. Nutritious and delicious at the same time, a bowl of this wholegrain goodness will surely brighten your mornings.

Our star number one ingredient whole grains, will kick start your day with the goodness of 4 nutritious grains (Wheat, Jowar, Oats and Rice), Vitamin D, Calcium and B-vitamins. Being firm believers of breakfast standing as the most important meal of the day, we forayed into the breakfast cereals segment in India. So, enjoy these whole grain rich variants, where nutritious meets delicious.