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NESCAFÉ Plan in India

NESCAFÉ  CoffeeBaduvandra Laxhipathi Gowda is among the 176,040 proud Coffee farmers associated with the NESCAFÉ Plan operational across ten countries.

NESCAFÉ PLAN helping Indian coffee farmers

Baduvandra Laxhipathi Gowda is among the 176,040 proud Coffee farmers associated with the NESCAFÉ Plan operational across ten countries. His farm, ‘Morning Mist’ is located in Margodu Village, the Coorg District of Karnataka on the foothills of the Western Ghats where the NESCAFÉ Plan was launched in 2012. The Western Ghats, one of the eight hottest hot spots of biodiversity in the world are home to shade grown eco-friendly coffee plantations.

Mr. Laxmipathi shares his association and experience with NESCAFÉ Plan, India.

“My name is Baduvandra Laxhipathi Gowda. I’m 40 years old and I’ve been in coffee farming for over 20 years. I live with my wife, Vidhya, and our daughters Punarva, 7 years and Monal, 3 years old.

 I’ve been involved with the NESCAFÉ Plan since 2012, when Nestlé Agronomists came to my farm and explained how the plan would benefit coffee farming communities. I also encouraged other farmers to participate in this programme and brought along 85 farmers for the Nestlé Better Farming Practices training sessions. We are all now a part of the NESCAFÉ Plan”.

Sustainable approach to coffee cultivation
“My farm is about six hectares and produces around 2,500 kg/ hectare of Robusta coffee annually. I also get additional income from the 600 pepper vines that I have cultivated. Through NESCAFÉ Plan, I learnt about a lot of sustainable practices and I have started implementing them.

I was able to get the soil of my farm tested and now apply fertilizer based on this. I also learnt about how I can better manage the plastic waste on the farm. I have invested in a rain water harvesting facility with support from Nestlé after learning more about water and soil conservation. We were also given training on improving the skills of farm labour and implementing health and safety measures for them.
By improving post-harvest practices such as drying coffee on plastic sheets, drying to optimum moisture levels and storing dried coffee in a proper place, I have benefited with premiums for good quality coffee over the market price.”

Community development
“The NESCAFÉ Plan has been very helpful in improving existing cultivation practices, enhancing coffee quality and protecting our environment. I feel fortunate to be associated with it as whenever I need technical assistance or information, the NESCAFÉ Plan team make themselves available.

I also like the transparent method of quality based payment system followed in NESCAFÉ Plan. I have been able to better understand the quality of coffee produced in my farm and the price it fetches. Now I also understand the importance of maintaining the quality.

Our day to day life in coffee cultivation is affected by changes in climate and variation in coffee prices. But I am hopeful that NESCAFÉ Plan will improve my farm income in coming years and help me to play a role in environmental conservation through my efforts.”

NESCAFÉ Plan in India: Facts and figures
  • Launched in 2012, with a focus on three Districts in the main coffee growing regions: Coorg and Chikmagalur in Karnataka and Waynad in Kerala
  • Total number of farmers trained - 1227
  • Global Partners – 4C Association