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Milk Parlor installed at the farm of Jagdeep Singh Sandhu in MogaMilk Parlor installed at the farm of Jagdeep Singh Sandhu in Moga

Our dairy development heritage in India began humbly in Moga on 15 November 1961, collecting only 511 kgs of milk on our first day. Today our Moga factory collects over 1.3 million kgs of milk per day during the flush season, with over 110,000 farmers in India selling milk to Nestlé.

Our milk collection area has expanded over the years and today covers 30,000 square kilometers. We have also constructed 2,815 milk collection centres in villages across the country to facilitate our considerable daily milk collection.

One of our many success stories in the dairy sector is that of milk farmer Jagdeep Singh Sandhu, who hails from the village Assal in Ferozepur. Jagdeep began dairy farming in 2001 with one buffalo as he found the milk market remunerative. By 2004, he had managed to gradually increase his herd of buffaloes to 25. He soon associated himself with Nestlé who, by 2007, had assisted him in procuring a loan and encouraged him to increase his cow herd to 36 animals. In 2008, Nestlé sponsored Jagdeep’s visit to the World Dairy Exposition in USA to gain more knowledge regarding commercial dairy farming. After his visit, Nestlé introduced best practices for dairy farming at his farm, including better calf management, silage preparation and shed expansion.

With the adaptation of best practices at Jagdeep’s farm, he soon saw increased milk productivity. Nestlé consequently installed a milk chilling facility at his farm to ensure ‘chilling at source’. In 2010, we also installed a milking parlour at his farm.

Today Jagdeep owns 78 cows in all, with 40 cows in milk, producing an average of 700 kgs of milk daily. His total income from milk is INR 32,00,000 every year. In his six year long relationship with Nestlé, Jagdeep has come a long way and is today a role model for other farmers in the area. In September 2010, the Deputy Commissioner of Ferozepur visited Jagdeep’s farm and highly commended his efforts.