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Youth employment

Our commitment: Roll out the Global Youth Initiative across all our operations

Our commitment: Roll out the Global Youth Initiative across all our operations

In India, as per World Bank data, youth unemployment (15–24 years) was an average of 9.59% during 1991–2016.

Through our various initiatives and programmes, we aim to bridge this gap. We strive to develop an environment of trust, dialogue and mutual respect encompassing our operations and value chain, while providing a safe and healthy work environment to our employees and promote human rights in compliance with the highest ethical standards. Through our various youth initiatives, young talent is nurtured and mentored to inspire strong and sustainable leadership.

As a major employer, Nestlé India recognises the need for youth employment initiatives to create employment opportunities as well as skill development through apprenticeships and internships, among others. In 2016, we rolled out a youth initiative known as ‘Expanding and Establishing Nestlé as a preferred employer among the millennial’. This initiative was launched to:

  • Attract the best talent for building a solid pipeline for future leaders
  • Establish partnerships with leading academic institutions for new developments in management
  • Assist students in gaining a practical understanding of industry operations that aid better understanding of academic principles
  • Increase the foothold of Nestlé as the employer of choice and learning partner.

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