Responsible marketing to children

Our commitment: Market to children only choices that help them achieve a nutritious diet

Responsible marketing to children

Promoting good nutrition

Nestlé has a global Nestlé Marketing Communication to Children Policy, which is implemented across all its regions of operation, including India, and is modified from time to time to cater to evolving needs.

Nestlé India, is an India Pledge signatory, and the India Policy on Marketing Communications to Children guides our communication. As part of this policy, we have aligned with other FMCG companies to develop a Common Nutrient Criteria (CNC) for defining food and beverage product advertising to children under 12 years. The criteria has been developed on a category-based threshold approach that includes a set of 'Nutrients to limit' and 'Components to encourage'. For certain categories, such as, chocolates, confectionary, butters, sugar free gums, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages no nutrition criteria was developed as the member companies took the decision not to advertise these categories to children.


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