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Offering guidance portions

Across our markets and our categories, we aim to make eating and drinking the right amount for a healthy, balanced diet as easy and intuitive as possible.

Our commitment

Offer guidance on portions for our products

Why it matters

Around the world, expanding portion sizes are contributing to imbalanced eating habits, and leading to adverse health outcomes. Conversely, smaller portions of vegetables, whole grains and milk cannot deliver the required levels of daily nutrition. As the largest global food manufacturer, we have a unique opportunity to help guide individuals and families to pursue a healthy diet through informed choices and our Nestlé Portion Guidance™ initiative.

Our approach

We’re helping people understand portion sizes in different ways. Through on-pack information, initiatives and programs, we’re raising awareness about portion guidance.

What we are doing

We are helping people understand the nutritional value of our foods and beverages through information on portion guidance.

Using our products to make a difference

We want to encourage consumers to adopt smaller portion sizes. Using dietary recommendations from around the world, our Nestlé Portion Guidance initiative helps individuals and families understand the nutritional value of our foods and beverages and redefine their portion habits.

The Nestlé Portion Guidance initiative is informed by a comprehensive process involving more than seven years of reviews and consultations about recommended portions/servings. Through this unique initiative, we encourage age-appropriate portion sizes on our products and packs, which helps equip consumers when they plan, buy, prepare and serve products


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