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Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in India

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in India focuses on raising nutrition, health and wellness awareness among school-going children. The unbranded programme, that started in 2009 in village schools around Nestlé’s manufacturing facilities, raises awareness about good nutrition, healthy habits, cooking practices, good hygiene and promotes physical fitness. As part of our commitment to advocating healthy hydration, we also encourage adolescents to choose water as the top choice for daily hydration, advising them on the importance and daily requirement.

The programme is conducted in partnership with 6 leading regional universities and content is developed jointly by nutrition experts from the Universities with Nestlé India nutritionists. Each student receives over 12 hours of nutrition training, and pre- and post-programme behavioural and knowledge tests are conducted to measure the effectiveness of learning and implementation.

Nestlé India has been working with the NGO Magic Bus India Foundation, one of India’s largest behaviour change organisations, to extend its commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles through the ‘sports for development’ model. Through games based interactive sessions, children receive knowledge related to health and nutrition, and are encouraged to play regularly. The year-long programme, designed with over 30 sessions for each child ran across 18 states in 2017.

The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme has reached out to over 200,000 adolescents across 21 states encouraging them to live healthier lives.

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