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Chairman's Message

A Helio Waszyk

A Helio WaszykThese ancient words mean ‘May all the people in this universe live with happiness and prosperity’. They embody the spirit at Nestlé and reflect its business philosophy and social responsibility initiatives. Nestlé believes that business and long-term social benefit go hand in hand, entwined like the branches of a banyan tree. 

Nestlé's business philosophy demands compliance with laws and conventions, and emphasises the preservation of the environment for sustainable growth. It is the third dimension - the creation of long-term value for both society and stakeholders - that makes it unique. Nestlé calls this 'Creating Shared Value'.

Nestlé is a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company that continues to create economic value for society. With its philosophy of ‘Creating Shared Value’, Nestlé has gone a step further. 

‘Creating Shared Value’ goes beyond philanthropy. It also reflects the Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship; that we are mere custodians of our resources, not the owners of it. Therefore we must make judicious use of what we have, and use what we need with efficiency.

When we see our business bringing happiness, prosperity and smiles to people across India, we believe we are doing good work.

We apply this philosophy in a manner that touches all our stakeholders across the value chain: farmers, consumers, communities around our factories, employees, associates, vendors and investors. The ultimate expression of what we believe in and what we endeavour to do is to provide ‘Good Food, Good Life’.

A Helio Waszyk
A. Helio Waszyk
Nestlé India