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Our commitment: Improve the environmental performance of our packaging

At Nestlé India, we focus on reducing waste generation through our packaging. We aim to use the minimum adequate packaging by weight and volume, and ensure that it is recovered and recycled/reused at the end of its useful life. We are also intensifying our efforts to develop innovative new materials that can deliver the desired protection and functionality of incumbent packaging materials with better environmental performance.

Based on our analysis, we:

2016 2015
• Saved approximately 800 tons of packaging material • Saved nearly 657 tons of packing material
• Successfully utilised 35% of recycled material in our product packaging • Consumed approximately 35% of recycled material in our product packaging

We have also investing in the R&D of new and innovative technologies for material development in our packaging. In 2014, we installed a Gasolyser plant at our Tahliwal plant to convert laminate waste to fuel. It generates a fuel yield of 40–50% on average, with by-products of burner oil and gas, which can also be utilised in the plant operations.

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