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We have strict food safety and quality controls in place for all raw materials used to make MAGGI Noodles. These include comprehensive testing to ensure that our products comply with all applicable food safety laws and our own high standards of quality and safety before they reach our consumers. We are aware of reports that tests by the local authorities have detected MSG [Monosodium Glutamate] in a pack of MAGGI Noodles. The authorities are continuing with their investigation and at the same time we have also submitted product samples to an independent accredited laboratory and will share the results with the authorities.

We do not add MSG to MAGGI Noodles and our label declarations are as per local regulation. We use raw materials in MAGGI Noodles which can contain naturally-occurring Glutamate. It is important to note that many agricultural commodities like Onion, Peas, Tomatoes, etc. contain glutamate. This could be confused with commercially added MSG. Glutamate is safe to consume.

We are also aware of the reports of elevated levels of lead in a pack of MAGGI Noodles analyzed by the authorities. We regularly monitor for lead as part of our stringent quality control processes, including testing by accredited laboratories. These tests have consistently shown lead levels in MAGGI Noodles to be within permissible limits. We have explained this to authorities while they investigate the matter further.

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