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Oct 20, 2015

World Association of Chefs Societies and Nestlé Healthy Kids unite to encourage healthy eating habits for children

NESTLÉ HOUSE, Gurgaon October 20, 2015: On the occasion of World Chefs Day, Nestlé India organized a cooking workshop on healthy eating habits for adolescents. Through this initiative, students who are a part of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in partnership with Magic Bus India Foundation interacted with World Association of Chef’s Societies (Worldchefs) Chef Akshay Malhotra and his team. The students, who turned into ‘Chefs for a day’, were taught about healthy cooking and given the option of choosing ingredients to prepare healthy meals. This was an enriching experience where they learned about the basics of nutrition, in a fun, interactive and engaging manner.

Nestlé and Worldchefs share the same ambition to raise awareness of healthier lifestyles and healthy cooking amongst school-going children. Nestlé and Worldchefs have been partnering since 2014 to bring nutrition, health and wellness to chefs and the people they serve.

According to Chef Akshay Malhotra, “Adopting a healthy lifestyle during the early years of life ensures healthy living and lesser health issues associated with old age. Good nutrition is especially important due to the biological, psychosocial and cognitive changes that begin during puberty and continue throughout adolescence, directly affecting nutritional status and needs.”

Mr. Sanjay Khajuria, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India said “We believe good nutrition is the cornerstone for health and development. The Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme forms part of our commitment to improve global nutrition through the promotion of greater awareness and understanding of balanced diet that needs to be accompanied with an active lifestyle.” He added, “In India, we have collaborated with Magic Bus India Foundation and leading Universities to take forward the message on Nutrition, Health and Wellness and we are pleased to join hands with the World Association of Chef’s Societies.

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