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Come on! Come on! GAME ON!! “Kadam Uthaao.... Health Ko Mazedaar Banaao”

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Over the years MAGGI has remained the most trusted and loved food brand in India as it continues to respond to changing lifestyles and evolving consumer needs. After pioneering 'Taste Bhi, Health Bhi', MAGGI is now working closely with experts and mothers to see how we can make our kids healthier and happier.

There is growing concern today that with rapidly changing lifestyles children are becoming more and more immersed in sedentary activities like TV, Video games, mobiles and computers. Kids are not playing outdoors as they need to, and are not engaging in sufficient physical activity. This impacts their health. Studies that we initiated showed an alarming scenario in urbanizing areas. Only 20% of kids today are engaging in sports and half the kids do not participate in any regular physical activity.

Commenting on this Shivani Hegde, General Manager (Foods) at Nestlé India says “Physical activity and healthy diets are two very important ingredients for health and the big challenge for mothers today is how they can make the combination of activity and nutrition a natural part of daily life. Some mothers are certainly trying to encourage their children to go out and play, but most of the time it is a constant battle for them. Kids on the other hand find the pursuit of health very boring!

The question for us was to see how we could use our expertise and our insights about human behavior and consumption preferences to help mothers make their kids healthy. The answer came with the simple concept ‘Health Ko Mazedaar Banaao’. Using this as the central idea, MAGGI will now lead the way to inspire kids and support mothers to make the pursuit of health enjoyable.”

MAGGI is a trusted ally of mothers, and to begin this journey, MAGGI is launching a new campaign that urges them to inspire their kids to come out and play. It also urges them that the food they provide should not only be tasty and nutritious but also enjoyable for them. MAGGI Veg Atta Noodles with Grain Shakti is made with 100% Atta, and is another great way to make health enjoyable. It not only has the goodness of fibre of three rotis, it also has a taste that they love. The TV commercial   builds on the strong bond and emotional connect that exists between mothers and kids, and will take this inspiration into millions of homes in an engaging manner.

As the campaign rolls out, MAGGI has planned various initiatives that will motivate and persuade mothers and kids across India to take this step and make health enjoyable, saying “GAME ON!” In the meantime MAGGI will continue to work with the Nestlé R&D network and in the next few months it will roll out more products that provide the natural goodness of Grains.

Watch this space for more news on Grain Shakti from MAGGI.


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