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Nestlé India launches new KIT KAT SENSES Ad Film

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Nestlé India launches new KIT KAT SENSES Ad Film

Reconnecting with senses and rediscovering the nuances of life is the essence of the new ad film, which Nestlé India, released for KIT KAT SENSES – KIT KAT’s entry into the premium category. Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES is a perfect balance of crisp wafer coated with slow churned chocolate available in two variants: Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES Milk and Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES Dark.

The uniqueness of the new Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES is that it is made of Slow-Churned Chocolate that requires conching for more than 12 hours. ‘Slow churn’ gives an enhanced taste and a smooth texture, delivering a luxuriously rich product that melts in the mouth. This chocolate making ritual entices the best flavors and marks a perfect blend of an ancient art with a modern mind.

Celebrating the launch of the two new variants, the film narrates the story of relishing Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES and the pleasures of reconnecting with our senses.

According to Mayur Bhargava, General Manager, Chocolates and Confectionary, Nestlé India Ltd., “There is a constant urge to stay connected which has resulted in a ‘wired’ lifestyle; there seems to be no break from plug points, extension cords, band-width and battery life. The hectic pace of modern life fuelled by technology can sometimes drown our ability to enjoy the five human senses. And, signifying the importance of taking a break which is enriching, and enables us to enjoy the nuances of life, is what we want to convey through the new KIT KAT SENSES ad-film.” He adds, “The clock striking 12 is symbolic of the time taken for the ‘slow churn process’ where temperature, motion and time are the three secret ingredients for a delectable chocolate treat.”

The ad film depicts the story of our lives where human connections have gone haywire literally and figuratively speaking. Today, we have become a tech savvy generation constantly engaged with multiple interfaces and no peace of mind. In such a scenario, we are unable to disconnect and make time for ourselves. This is where KIT KAT SENSES allows us to take a break.

Embracing a clutter free life is almost equivalent to the ‘slow churn’ chocolate making process which gives a new meaning to life and living. And, based on a strong relationship between aroma, intensity and texture development, Nestlé KIT KAT SENSES helps reconnect with our long lost sense.


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