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Nestlé highlights climate change with ‘Science Express’ in India

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Touring ExhibitionTOURING EXHIBITION: The 'Science Express' is the most visited science exhibition in India.

Students around India can get on board a specially designed train to learn about climate change with help from Nestlé.

The ‘Science Express’ is a touring exhibition that aims to raise more than 1.5 million young people’s awareness of the impact and challenges of global climate change.

The train, staffed by science graduate volunteers, will travel to more than 50 Indian cities until the end of the year.

The Indian government initiative is being supported by Nestlé India, Nestlé Research and Development Centre India, the Embassy of Switzerland and other companies.

Handmade bags and purses

The train will educate school age children about recycling and renewable energy through a series of interactive demonstrations, audio-visual tools and presentations.

Researchers at Nestlé R&D India have provided innovative exhibit ideas to help do this.

These include toy solar cars to demonstrate how solar power is a renewable source of energy and using old plastic bags to create new material for handmade bags and purses.

Science ExpressON BOARD: Explaining science to young people in India through audio-visual exhibits and interactive tools.

Most visited

The ‘Science Express’ is the most visited mobile science exhibition in India.

Launched in 2007 by the Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh, and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, its goal is to explain science to young people through audio-visual exhibits and interactive tools.

Each year, the train’s exhibitions have addressed different themes. This year’s theme, backed by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests, is 'Biodiversity Special’.

Nutrition and water

Nestlé India joined the initiative in 2009 to highlight the importance of nutrition.

Since then the company has also continued to extend its research and development expertise to the initiative, engaging millions of students on the issue of water as part of last year’s theme.

The initiative emphasised issues such as water depletion, the impact of agricultural use and water quality.

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