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The Food and Drug Administration of Gujarat launch Project ‘Serve Safe Food’ in Ahmedabad in collaboration with Nestlé India and NASVI

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Nestlé House, Gurugram,

The Government of Gujarat today joined hands with Nestlé India and National Association of Street Food Vendors of India (NASVI) to train 375 street food vendors in Ahmedabad on food quality and safety.

Speaking at the initiative, Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat, said, "Street vending is a source of livelihood for a significant number of people. It is essential for street food vendors to have adequate knowledge of food hygiene practices to sustain their livelihoods and grow their business."

Dr. Hemant Gordhanbhai Koshia, Commissioner, Food and Drug Control Administration, Gujarat said, "We are glad to be organizing an initiative to encourage and motivate street food vendors in moving towards a positive future. Through Project 'Serve Safe Food' we want to enable street food vendors to enter into strategic employment opportunities in new market conditions by training them on food quality and safety."

Mr. Sanjay Khajuria, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India added "Through this initiative, our focus is on raising awareness on hygiene and food safety practices. This will, in turn help enhance the livelihood of micro and small food business operators through consistent delivery of safe food."

Nestlé India launched Project 'Serve Safe Food' in November 2016 to encourage the micro and small food business operators to use the knowledge shared on food safety during the training in their everyday business.