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Nestlé Group holding in Nestlé India at 53.27%

Nestlé India Ltd has informed BSE that there has been a change of 1948500 shares (2.02%) in the equity shareholding of the promoters and persons having control over the company since the last disclosure made with regard to last book closure from June 16, 2001 for the purpose of annual closing and payment of dividends.

The shareholding of the promoters and the persons having control over the company as on December 11, 2001 i.e. the record date relevant for payment of dividends is as under.

Name No of shares % of shareholding

Nestlé SA Switzerland 2390088 24.79

Nestlé's Holding Ltd (C/o Callenders Sawyer Klonaris & Smith) 27463680 28.48

Total Nestlé Group Shareholding 51364548 53.27

The total shareholding on June 16, 2001 of Nestlé Group was 49416048 equity shares representing 51.25% of the equity capital.

The aforesaid disclosure was made under Regulation 8(3) of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations 1997.