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Nestlé India creates fresh milestones innovates with Kitkat to tap new segments.

Nestlé India Ltd has announced that in recent years the Company has initiated various activities to make its chocolate business stronger and more robust. Greater emphasis on consumer insights and Innovation & Renovation enabled it to achieve milestones that have made this portfolio even more relevant to the emerging lifestyles. In 2007 the Company has led growth in the chocolate industry which grew at around 23%.

The Company has now added fresh milestones. It has launched two new products - KIT KAT CHUNKY and KITKAT MINI - under the Company's No.1 global confectionery brand.

KITKAT CHUNKY which is a favourite the world over, is now being launched in India in two exotic variants - KITKAT CHUNKY Hazelnut, and KITKAT CHUNKY Choko. These are based on the insight that a segment of consumers want an indulgent KITKAT to enjoy during their breaks and therefore these products contain specially imported Turkish Hazelnut and African Coco Beans to meet this need. At the same time, in order to help consumers to balance their pleasure with wellness, it is the first portionable CHUNKY in the world. Each KITKAT CHUNKY is breakable into three portions of 64 calories each to enable portion control.

KITKAT MINI is an innovation that will introduce this successful brand to a much larger population. It is being test marketed at Rs 2/- in the East and West India and will leverage the Company's fast expanding distribution reach, which is now the largest in the chocolate category.

Commenting on these launches, Stewart Dryburgh, General Manager (Chocolate and Confectionery) said, "Lifestyles are changing, with an increasing number of consumers seeking to balance indulgence with lighter eating. We have effectively used our global expertise and insights to continuously innovate and create new segments that are relevant to our consumers. We are leaders in lighter eating with KITKAT and MUNCH and leaders in white confectionery with MILKYBAR. Now the unique, exotic, portionable KITKAT CHUNKY and KITKAT MINI provide our consumers with many more reasons to have a break and have a KITKAT".