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Nestlé ACTIPLUS Launched in India

Nestlé House, Gurgaon, 26th August 2011 : Nestlé India today flagged off a more aggressive strategy to bring high quality nutritious dairy products into consumer homes. In recent months it has been innovating and renovating  to strengthen its pipeline for India and has rolled out Nestlé ACTIPLUS Dahi.

Nestlé ACTIPLUS is a result of Nestlé’s international dairy expertise, know-how in science based nutrition and intensive R&D in the field of probiotics in food. It promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the  digestive system. The unique probiotic strain in Nestlé ACTIPLUS helps boost the number of friendly and beneficial bacteria in the gut, which are scientifically proven to help restore the natural balance, and support a healthy digestion. A healthy digestive system helps reduce digestive discomfort.

Commenting on the need for Nestlé ACTIPLUS, Kumaran Nowuram, General Manager [Dairy], Nestlé India says “Probiotics is a relatively new phenomenon in India and consumers do not fully understand the benefits. Our continuing research with consumers confirms the insight that busy lifestyles and increased stress are causing frequent digestive discomfort for many and we all know how difficult it is to be at our best when we have digestive discomfort.  This is where probiotics makes the difference. Science indicates that it is important to maintain the balance between the good bacteria and the bad, and  Nestlé ACTIPLUS probiotic Dahi  helps to restore and maintain this balance. It promotes  the growth of friendly bacteria found naturally in the gut . Regular consumption of Nestlé ACTIPLUS boosts the good bacteria in the system and helps to support a healthy digestion so that we  can be comfortable and perform at our best.”

Nestlé ACTIPLUS is a low fat delicious tasting dahi with consistent creamy texture. It is also a good source of protein and calcium. It is acknowledged that proteins from dahi and other dairy products are good because they are easily absorbed by the body. They also provide amino acids essential for us. Nestlé ACTIPLUS  packs have been specially designed to make them stand out in the market place and the illustration on the pack demonstrates to the consumer of how it will benefit them.

Nestlé ACTIPLUS is about Health, Pleasure and the Desire for an Active Lifestyle.