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The world is no stranger to the surging unemployment rate globally and the rate is higher among the youth. 1 in 6 Youth have stopped working since the onset of COVID 19. In India specifically, Unemployment rate @ Urban Area is still at 11.2% (CMIE). These developments are particularly detrimental to youth as their employment prospects, relative to older and experienced workers, are more sensitive to economic downturns. Since the outbreak of Covid, the total NEET % for India has been rising beyond 30%. In order to protect youth of our country and to ensure that they do not lose opportunities to develop themselves, Nestlé India launched a virtual internship programme, “Nesternship” with an intent to equip 1000 students with the skills they need to thrive at workplaces and build their professional competence.

Internships are vital milestones in every student’s life and we want to do our bit amidst the challenging times by not only providing internships but by also allowing the young talent to have a fair chance in the labour market post undertaking internships. This shall primarily include graduates and post graduates and upskill them to create route to work in an effort to avert an unemployment crisis. This way help them find their place and contribute to more prosperous and stable societies.

The programme ‘Nesternships’ will definitely serve as a stepping stone for us as an organization towards one of our many responses to global crisis situations and we are hopeful that this programme shall collectively bring the best out of the current global crisis despite all odds.

The link for application will be live soon. Please follow our LinkedIn Page and other social media handles to apply!