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How to beat those cravings

The Cravings Cheat Sheet

As another year comes to an end and the festive mood takes over, you begin to realise how you’ve been giving into the treats and temptations of the season and feel the need to get back to healthy eating. But suddenly that Triple Chocolate Fudge cake in the back of your refrigerator seems like the perfect response to a winter that won’t end. You have three choices: Ignore your craving, give in or find a substitute. For many of us, giving in is the only option – and a small piece can quickly become half the cake or more. Sound familiar? If yes, just read on and follow these simple tips to win the battle against cravings:


  1. Put on your ‘skinny jeans.’ The Chocolate cake’s appeal will surely decrease if your pants are too tight. And remember, E-l-a-s-t-i-c waistbands = overeating

  2. Knit a sweater or snuggle with your partner. Even a five-minute distraction can help ward off cravings

  3. Naturally sweet. Looking to satiate your sweet tooth?  Try foods with natural sweetness of fruits like NESTLÉ REAL FRUIT Yoghurts or occasional small sweet treats like NESTLÉ MUNCH , NESTLÉ KITKAT

  4. Curb your foodthusiasm. Portion out a small amount of the food you crave and set the rest aside for another day

  5. Feed the beast within. Can’t say no – ever? Eat a small amount of the food you crave every day. A piece of chocolate a day can keep binge-eating away

  6. Forget your failures. Succumbed to those oh-so-gooey Chocolate Chip cookies? Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, create a plan of attack for your next craving, and stick to it

  7. Mix it up. A varied diet – including complex carbohydrates, protein, fat and increased fibre – helps you feel full longer, so you’ll be less likely to give in to cravings

  8. Ban the bad. Crave-proof your home and office and keep healthy snacks on hand to tackle any hunger attacks. And never, ever go shopping when you’re hungry

  9. Brush the Pearlies. A minty-fresh mouth can prevent you from diving into the sweets and can even make your hunger pangs disappear

  10. Keep a food journal. A food record can help you identify eating patterns and cut cravings. For example, if you notice a sugar craving every afternoon, try a healthy snack like a sweet piece of fruit or change up your lunch
Just like resolutions can be broken, cravings can be controlled. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to chase away the winter blues!