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Nutrition and Pleasure

When it comes to good food, nutrition and pleasure go hand-in-hand.

Assessing the nutritional value of our products

To assess the nutritional value of our products, we have established a rigorous methodology based on recommendations issued by authorities such as the World Health Organization. This is called the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System.

Each product is measured against specific criteria. The criteria are regularly reviewed by nutrition experts and product specialists to incorporate the latest thinking and developments in nutrition, health and wellness.

The Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System has been progressively applied across Nestlé products worldwide since 2004.

Making sure products taste great too

We understand that consumers are looking for healthier foods that do not compromise on taste. That’s why we constantly review our product range to improve taste while enhancing nutritional value using a test called 60/40+.

Our 60/40+ initiative ensures that all our products meet rigorous standards for nutrition and consumer preference.

Products are tested with consumer panels and at least 60 out of 100 people must prefer the Nestlé product over the competitor’s. The ‘+’ refers to the added nutritional benefit in the product.

What happens if a product with an added nutritional benefit doesn’t meet the 60/40 taste preference? We go back to the drawing board. Using consumer feedback and sensory research, we improve the product to ensure it is once again favoured by consumers.