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Foods to Be Avoided

As a runner, you may be aware of the importance of good foods that provide you the right nutrition. However, it is equally important to know what foods can be harmful and how to best avoid them. Make sure you eat foods you are familiar with and avoid experimenting, especially a day before the run.1

High-fibre Foods

  • High-fibre foods may cause digestive discomfort such as bloating, nausea etc.
  • Avoid eating high-fibre foods especially before and during the event.
  • Examples of fibre-rich foods include wheat, maize, jowar, ragi, vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, beans etc.1,2

High-fat And High-sugar Foods

  • Consumption of excess amount of fat prior to the race may cause nausea and sluggishness therefore altering your performance levels.
  • Try to avoid foods rich in saturated fat such as butter, cheese, whole milk products etc.
  • Foods rich in saturated fat may enhance the levels of bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Consumption of sweets before and during the activity may leave you lethargic.1,3

Excess Fluid Intake

  • Avoid drinking large amounts of water on a few occasions. Instead, drink small amounts of water at frequent intervals.
  • Excess consumption of water compared with the associated fluid loss may cause hyponatraemia, a condition characterised by dilution of sodium in blood resulting in confusion, headache, fatigue etc.4,5

Alcohol Consumption

  • Alcohol may delay the repair of injured tissues and also cause fatigue.5
  • It may also cause fluid loss thus affecting the process of rehydration.


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