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How Much is The Right Amount For Me?

Portion is the amount of food you choose to eat at one time. Portion Guidance™ helps you choose the right amount of food containing all the key nutrients in optimal proportions to perform well.

All types of foods and beverages can be a part of your diet, when consumed in balance and moderation. A key challenge for consumers is finding this balance through all the food and beverage choices each day and over a lifetime. Intuitively, giving ‘guidance’ to consumers about the appropriate ‘portion’ can help them meet this challenge.

As a nutrition, health and wellness leader, Nestlé offers consumers the tastiest and healthiest choices in each of the categories and support them in having a healthy and balanced diet.

Nestlé Portion Guidance™ is a voluntary initiative designed to channel the international dietary recommendations and the nutritional labelling regulations. Our guidance is clearly presented in varied consumer engaging techniques such as product form, pack design, clear illustrations and occasionally a serving device or dispensing machine. This also includes how much and how frequently the product should be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Importance of Proper Proportions in an Athlete’s Diet

The diet of a runner should be optimal both in quality and quantity of food in order to replenish the energy reserves and to avoid fatigue and inadequate nutrition. It is important that you keep track of what and how much you eat to gain the maximum benefits for your run. Let’s help you choose appropriate portion sizes for some common foods.3-5

  • High-carbohydrate foods should be the number one priority in your meals and snacks and should take up the maximum room in your plate.
  • Carbohydrate foods should make up more than half of your energy intake.
  • Vegetables and salads are good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre and should be included in considerable amounts in the diet.3-5


Nestlé focuses on communicating proper portion guidance on all its packs

The objective with Portion Guidance™ is to make ‘eating the right amount at the right frequency’ as easy and intuitive as possible.


We at Nestlé are committed to provide guidance to our consumers about the appropriate portion that can help them to meet the challenge of achieving a well-balanced diet. In 2015, 63.3% of the Nestlé products have proportion guidance on all the children and family products.2

Nestlé helps the consumers to balance their diets with optimal nutrition intakes that are required by the body. Be it as clear portion communication on pack, or packaging and product format enablers, our goal is to make eating the right amount at the right frequency as easy as possible.1,2


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